A Beginner's Guide to Remixing
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team
Oct. 03, 2023

Remixing allows you to put your unique spin on existing tracks, breathe new life into old favourites, and even gain exposure as an artist. In light of our new Competitions feature, we want everyone to get involved. In this beginner's guide, we'll take you through the steps to remix a song on RepostExchange’s new Remix Competition platform!

Step 1: Download the stems

Stems are individual tracks (e.g., vocals, drums, bass, synths) from the original song that you'll use to create your remix. On RepostExchange, you can find these stems on the competition page. Download the stems and make sure to organise them in a way that makes sense for your workflow.

Step 2: Plan Your Remix

Before diving into the remixing process, take some time to plan your approach. Think about the style and genre you want to explore with your remix. Will you create a dancefloor banger, a chill remix, or something entirely unique? Consider the mood, tempo, and overall vibe you want to convey. Listen to some entries and find some inspiration!

Step 3: Create a Project File

Using your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW), create a new project file and import the downloaded stems. Ensure that your project settings match the original song's tempo and key!

Step 4: Start Remixing

Now, the fun part begins! Start experimenting with the individual stems to create your unique version of the song. You can add new elements, rearrange parts, apply effects, and experiment with various instruments. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to get creative and push your boundaries. However, make sure you follow the rules as stated on the competition page in order to not get disqualified!

Step 5: Mixing and Mastering

Once you're satisfied with your remix, it's time to mix and master it. This step is crucial to ensure your remix sounds polished and professional. Pay attention to the balance of individual tracks, use EQ and compression to enhance the sound, and apply effects to add depth and character to your mix. In due course, we will post more articles on this topic so stay tuned. Until then we recommend you watch some YouTube tutorials on mixing and mastering here.

Step 6: Export your remix and upload to Soundcloud

When your remix is ready, export it as a high-quality audio file (e.g., WAV or FLAC). Make sure to name your remix appropriately and include your artist name if you have one. Provide all the necessary information, including the remix title, description, and any relevant tags. Remember to set your track as "public" so that it can be heard by the judges and other users.

Step 7: Enter your remix

Once you are ready to share your track you can submit your remix for 50 credits, which you can gain for free by reposting other member tracks across the RepostExchange platform! Log in to your RepostExchange account and navigate to the competition page. Click on the enter button and select your remix from the list. 

After submitting your track you can update your entry with a new version by clicking “Edit Entry” on the “My Entry” tab.

Step 8: Engage with the community

Remixing is an ongoing learning process. Seek feedback from the RepostExchange community, and keep refining your remixing skills. Please be kind and give each other feedback so we can all improve our craft. There is nothing better than a community of like-minded creators building each other up. Let’s create the best music production community together!

Remixing a song on RepostExchange is a fantastic way for beginners and intermediate music producers to gain exposure as an artist. With the right approach and dedication, you can create remixes that resonate with audiences and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. And if that wasn’t enough, our team of professional judges will pick three winners at the end of each remix competition who will win amazing prizes to help accelerate their careers in music!

Ready to get started? Enter our latest remix competition here.