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New feature: Reactions
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team
Dec. 15, 2022

Do you ever really vibe with a track, but can't find the right words?

In a hurry and don't have time to leave a comment?

You're feeling a bit shy but still want to show some love?

Well, we're pleased to introduce our new feature: Reactions!

What are Reactions?

Reactions are short phrases, emojis, or a combination of both which can optionally be left as a comment. After rating a track, you will sometimes be offered the choice to leave a reaction. The reaction you choose will then be posted as a SoundCloud comment on the track!

How do I leave a Reaction?

After rating a track, a list of Reactions will sometimes appear. You'll be given a choice of three Reactions to post, just hit 'Shuffle' to find the perfect one.

We've introduced this new feature to increase the overall engagement on tracks, to improve the diversity of comments via RepostExchange, and to make reposting more interactive and fun!

A few things to note

  • Reactions do not replace comments, and are only offered if a comment has not been left previously.
  • Reactions will not reduce the number of regular or CommentPlus comments tracks receive.
  • You will not earn any credits for reacting, but it’s a nice thing to do if you like the track!
  • For a the person being reposted, reactions are ‘free’ - they do not cost any credits or reduce your campaign budget.
  • Reactions are not available on the mobile app.
  • You can turn off Reactions for your own tracks if you prefer - simply head to

Start Reposting today and leave your first reaction!

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