Getting Started with RepostExchange
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team
Sep. 28, 2017
  1. Connect with SoundCloud in seconds
  2. Check out the Browse Campaigns page
  3. Repost a few tracks you like until you have reached 50 credits
  4. Start a Campaign with one of your own tracks OR Browse Members and make some direct repost requests
  5. Sit back and see the platform in action!

Earning Credits

  • You can earn credits by reposting tracks you like from other artists
  • How much you earn depends on how many followers you have
  • In general you can earn 1 credit for every 100 followers you have

You can then spend your credits on getting your own music reposted. There are two ways to earn and spend credits:


  • Listen to tracks posted as campaigns by other members. 
  • Repost the tracks you like and earn credits each time.
  • You are able to repost up to 10 tracks per day from the Campaigns page. Choose wisely!
  • You must leave reposts on your SoundCloud page for 48 hours.


  • Create a campaign by selecting a track and choosing a credit ‘budget’. 
  • All members can listen and repost your track if they enjoy it and think it would be suitable for their SoundCloud audience.
  • When a member reposts your campaign, they will claim credits from your budget relative to the number of followers they have
  • Campaigns last for one week, or until all credits are claimed. Unused credits are refunded to your account.
  • You can restrict who can repost your tracks with one of our Pro Plans which can help ensure your tracks reach the most relevant audiences.
  • Campaigns have a minimum budget of 50 credits. This means brand new users will need to repost some tracks before being able to create a campaign.


  • Members can directly request a repost from you if they feel you might enjoy their track and that it would be suitable for your audience. 
  • You have 24 hours to accept a request before it times out and then the credits are refunded to the submitter. 
  • You are welcome to reject requests and we encourage this if you don’t think the track is suitable (or you simply don’t like it). 
  • When reposting you can optionally like the track, follow the artist and leave a comment on SoundCloud.
  • When rejecting a track you can optionally leave some feedback for the member.


  • Browse members and request reposts directly. 
  • This provides ultimate control over who can repost your track, and can be the most effective way of ensuring your tracks reach the most suitable audiences.
  • Use the Favourite feature, to create your own network of members who are most suited to repost your tracks.

Ensure all of your tracks have genres set on SoundCloud. We use these genres to

  • Create your profile on RepostExchange
  • Recommend your tracks to members on the Campaigns page
  • Recommend your profile to members on the Browse Members page

Don’t repost music you don’t like or that would be completely unsuitable for your audience!

  • This lowers the value of reposts for everyone and your fans will think worse of you

Leave reposts on your page for 48 hours

  • Our system checks to make sure everyone plays by the rules
  • Offenders will be warned, then restricted, then banned
  • Be careful - If a repost says 2 days on SoundCloud, this might be being rounded up.

Interact with other members

  • Discover great artists making music you’re into
  • Communicate, collaborate and help each other with feedback