In the studio with AWINO
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team

How long have you been producing music and how did you learn? 

I’ve been making music for six years on and off and I am self taught. I started by studying techniques from YouTube and talking to friends and people who are making music as well to get inspiration.

What DAW(s) do you use and why?

I’m using FL Studio 20 all of the time and I’m pleased with it because it creates possibilities with all the techniques it offers and makes me try even harder.

What are your favourite pieces of gear and why?

I’m using mini keyboard and powerful speakers to create the best bass and drop as possible.

What are your favourite software plugins and why?

I use NEXUS3, Sylenth1, and Serum and I use them because combined, they make the best music ever.

How would you summarise your approach/workflow when creating a track?

When I get the amount of inspiration and motivation I honestly can sit for days to make a new track, I get obsessed! But it always pays off when I’m done.

What resources do you use to improve your craft?

YouTube, talking to people online that have music as a priority as well. Some of my friends as well. I get inspiration from many kinds.

What is the last YouTube tutorial you watched that you would recommend to other Re-Ex members?

What knowledge or advice do you wish you'd learned earlier?

As I mentioned before I’m all self taught so no one has never given me some kind of advice. I have always been hard on my self and always pushed myself even more because I will never give up on living my dream!

What challenges related to making music do you face and how do you overcome them?

I have always done my one thing and I don’t see things as something that isn’t fun, I’m loving what I do and I always will do.

Can you share any killer tips or techniques?

Do your research, seek inspiration and always follow your heart and your mind. It will never disappoint you and will take you along for the ride.

Do you use any online tools to assist with the production process?

I’m not using anything but NEXUS, Sylenth1 and Serum.

Do you try and get feedback or suggestions to improve your music? If so, how?

When a new track is done I always play it for my closest friends and girlfriend and they always gives me a honest feedback and I’m very grateful for that.

Which track are you most proud of and why?

I absolutely love my song 'Uyanis'. It was created during a very interesting time in my life. I’m so, so proud of it, it’s my baby.

Has RepostExchange affected the way you make music? If so, how?

It has absolutely made me more inspired and motivated to create more music. I’m very proud and thankful that you took the time to play my music on your podcast and it was really a game changer.

Desert Island Gear

Top L-R: Fruity Reeverb 2, Pioneer DJ controller.

Bottom L-R: OTT, Nicky Romero Kickstart 2, Camel Crusher.

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This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.