Slept-on: Grimeyy B, ayeluna!, Kalamarico
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team

After our recent shout-out on social media asking for the next big thing in the music scene, your recommendations came flooding in. We've sifted through the noise and are thrilled to spotlight three artists who are making waves and deserve a spotlight here on the Re-Ex blog. First up, we’ve got Grimeyy B, a hip-hop prodigy straight out of Virginia. From the heartlands, we've got ayeluna! – an eclectic blend of alternative rock and hip-hop vibes hailing from Nebraska. And if you're craving something different, we have electronic music producer & composer, Kalamarico from Madrid, Spain. Trust us, you won't want to sleep on these RepostExchange artists recommended by our community. Read on for more!

Grimeyy B

Hailing from Harrisonburg, Virginia, RepostExchange member Grimeyy B caught our attention over on Instagram. Curious, we checked out his tracks to find easygoing verses open into a lyrical flow rich with beatbox trills. Expect a unique blend of flawless vocal processing that builds and swirls around the listener, all grounded with an energetic trap beat and stabs of 808 bass.

Grimeyy B's passion shines through his work rate, with a wealth of tracks already available for fans on his SoundCloud (there’s a lot there to listen to, and love). Find collaborations with Skreetzzz, Baby Bray, and KandyGram and if you want more, look out for his forthcoming project “LOVE.LIVE.EVIL.”

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Nestled at the crossroads of emo and trap lies Nebraska's very own ayeluna! Introduced to us by Lil Cole RY from our shout-out on Facebook, ‘toxic love’ is a poignant release from ayeluna!’s 2023 album ‘two souls’ and released on their own label, 484 Underground.

Produced by tennis player, this evocative track is about the sense of helplessness that envelopes us all at one time or another and how that leaks into our romantic relationships. The gentle guitar strums ebb and flow, serving as a comforting anchor contrasting with the sorrowful lyrics: “The rain brings solace in my life, I really need it in my brain. Toxic love when you're around, I really need a change”. The use of autotune on the vocals hints at a skilled singing voice beneath, adding an edge that seamlessly bridges hip-hop and alternative rock. Ayeluna! has swiftly become my favourite melancholic artist.

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Nominated by underground chart-topper MAGO on Facebook, Kalamarico stands out as an accomplished electronic music composer, artist, and producer hailing from Madrid, Spain. You’ll find their tech-house signature flawlessly embodied in track 'Top-Level-Await'. It masterfully evolves, starting with the pared-back bass and kick. As it progresses, the top-line melody teases us, keeping listeners in suspenseful anticipation of its climax. A fat bass enters to anchor the composition before oscillating between a stripped-down techno rhythm and the melodic theme. Radiating undeniable summer vibes, it's the kind of track I’d love to hear on the dancefloor. And as summer begins its farewell in the northern hemisphere, it serves as a delightful reminder to savour the season's final moments.

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