Slept-on: Ghost OG, Alexx Parish, ALIYEN
Jaz from the RepostExchange Team

Welcome to Slept On Volume III, our regular feature with artists recommended by the RepostExchange community on Instagram. First up, we've got Australian rapper, Ghost OG, known for pouring passion into his lyrics. Then, we've got Sardinian alternative trap/rock artist, Alexx Parish, bringing those indie vibes. Finally, rap hybrid ALIYEN from the UK tops off this amazing list of talented independent artists we think deserve some love!

Ghost OG 🇺🇸

From all the way down under, Ghost OG was recommended to us by podcast alumni The Real J.T.W.! The Rockhampton, Australia-based artist is known for bringing fire and rhymes to his tracks, playing with cyphers and meaning. However, not much is known about Ghost OG, claiming he “spends his time Patrolling Rockhampton and blessing the world with his lyrical skill and thoughtful rhymes... changing the world one bar at a time.”

On latest track, Done With Love (Prod. By COBRA), Ghost OG says “I was going through one of the darkest moments in my life which truly opened my eyes to what I want and need in life. So now I'm on the other end of the darkness and am able to talk about my story and hopefully shed some inspiration on others who are going through dark times!”

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Alexx Parish 🇮🇹

Big shout out to fellow Re-Ex member Featherstone Massacre for introducing us to Alexx Parish, an alternative rock/trap artist hailing from Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. Parish seamlessly pairs rock stylings with 808s and a smattering of classic pop.

Taken from Parish’s ‘Palude Cristalld’ project, title track ‘Bloody California’ drives forward largely due to Parish’s vocals soaring throughout this trap ballad. ‘Sacerdotessa (freestyle)’ is a stripped-back track with spoken voice leaning off-kilter at times adding to that feeling of foreboding. The result is an arousing collection of tracks, from the upbeat vibes of ‘Oh Madame’ to the classic rock vibrations of ‘Rose Nere’ - there’s lots to enjoy here.

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If you’re a fan of Deep Dub, EDM, and Rap Hybrid, then you’ll love UK-based ALIYEN. Self-described as a “purveyor of SPACE BASS”, there’s a lot of that and more in their extensive back catalogue on SoundCloud. More recently focusing on flips and bootlegs, their 2023 album ‘ABDVCTION’ includes a punchy reworking of The Fray’s ‘You Found Me’ and dark dubby flip of Lil Durk’s ‘Hanging with Wolves’.

Original tracks like hip-hop odyssey ‘ADRUM’ and ‘WORTH IT’ featuring 47Haiti boom loudly while dubstep/rap hybrid track ‘ADDICTION’ shows off ALIYEN’s vocal ability with a voice so roughly textured, it will creep down your spine. Thanks to fellow Re-Ex member Broken Astronaut for the recommendation!

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