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How does the judging process work?

Each competition will be adjudicated by a team of judges during the judging period. Every track will be listened to and rated internally based on the criteria specified on the competition page. The tracks with the highest ratings will form a shortlist which the judges will discuss together in order establish the final rankings.

Please note that number of plays, likes or comments are not taken into account when judging.

My entry is popular, why is it not on the top of the All Entries list?

The order of remixes on the ‘All Entries’ page is determined by the date of entry, with most recent tracks at the top. The order is not related to rankings, ratings or popularity of tracks.

I’ve made another track for a competition, can I enter this one too?

Entries must follow the specific rules of each competition, which usually include using the provided samples. So a track from one competition will usually not be eligible for entry in another one.

Can I use samples in my entry?

All sounds used in your entry must be obtained and used with legal rights. This means that commercially released tracks cannot be sampled, but sample libraries or services like Splice, Loopcloud, Cymatics etc. are allowed.

Can I upload my remix to platforms other than SoundCloud?

No. The rights holder has approved remixes of the original track being hosted on SoundCloud only. Uploading to other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook might result in a copyright takedown. However you are free to share your SoundCloud link on other platforms!

Please note it strictly prohibited to distribute your remix on platforms such as Spotify or Bandcamp.

Does my track have to be public on SoundCloud in order to enter?

No! It is fine to submit a private track, but it will only be listenable by others on RepostExchange and not on SoundCloud.

What is the difference between a remix competition and a producer competition?

In a Remix Competition you remix a track by another artist using sounds from a remix pack (stems). In a Producer Competition you produce an original track using sounds from a provided soundpack (loops, samples).

Winners announced



1 place trophy
25000 Credits for RepostExchange ($550 value)
1 year Promoter Plan ($1500 value)
Limited Edition Re-Ex Hoodie & Snapback (priceless!)
2 place trophy
5000 Credits for RepostExchange ($140 value)
1 year Network Plan ($360 value)
Limited Edition Re-Ex Hoodie & Snapback (priceless!)
3 place trophy
2500 Credits for RepostExchange ($80 value)
1 year Artist Plan ($180 value)
Limited Edition Re-Ex Hoodie & Snapback (priceless!)

Special Mentions

null place trophy
500 Credits for RepostExchange ($25 value)