What is RepostExchange?

A community of SoundCloud creators supporting, promoting and collaborating with each other through sharing like-minded audiences.

How does it work?

  1. Connect with SoundCloud in seconds
  2. Use your credits to request reposts directly from other members, or create a campaign which all members can repost
  3. Earn more credits by accepting requests or reposting campaigns
  4. Enjoy your increased followers and plays!

If the member chooses not to repost your track (or if the request times out after 24 hours), you will receive your credits back. The member can optionally provide a reason.

For a limited time only, new members start with 30 free credits (enough to reach 3,000 SoundCloud users). You can then earn more credits by accepting repost requests from other members.

Is it safe?

Yes. RepostExchange is operated by Audiu, a well established music platform that has been running since 2014, and is secured with the latest web technologies.

Will RepostExchange perform any actions automatically or without my permission?

No. You will only repost/follow/like/comment when you manually choose to do so on RepostExchange.

Is my SoundCloud account at risk from using RepostExchange?

No. RepostExchange is fully compliant with the SoundCloud API Terms of Use. Performing an action on RepostExchange is exactly the same as doing it on SoundCloud. You must adhere to the SoundCloud Terms of Use and the RepostExchange Terms of Use at all times


How many credits can I earn per repost?

In general, you can earn 1 credit per 100 followers (rounded up) you have. Accounts with over 2500 followers are processed by our FollowScore system, which will adjust your earnings taking into account inactive followers.

How can I get more credits?

Currently there are various ways to earn credits:

  • Accepting repost requests from other members
  • Reposting tracks on the Campaigns page
  • Referring other creators
  • Claiming your daily credit reward
  • Providing insightful, track-specific comments on Campaigns with CommentPlus enabled
  • Following a member via a Sponsored Follow Campaign
  • Win prizes in our bi-monthly Mystery Box competitions
  • Purchase a Credit Pack

We’ll be adding more ways to earn credits in the future, so keep an eye out for updates.

Is there a limit to the number of tracks I can repost?

Yes, all members have a limit of 10 reposts per 12 hour period. Please only repost tracks you and your followers would enjoy.

How do I keep track of my credit earnings and expenditure?

All of your credit transactions are listed in your account history - this is a great resource if you are ever unsure of where your credits are going. It is the equivalent of a bank statement for credits

What is ‘Reach’?

When a SoundCloud member reposts your track, it will go into the feed of all of their followers. So the ‘reach’ of a campaign is the total number of SoundCloud users that a track is reposted to. A small percentage of these users (usually 1-3%) will go on to play the track and potentially like/comment/follow or even repost it themselves.

How do referrals work?

When someone signs up with your personal URL, you’ll earn 50 credits. Referrals must be creators and they must be active on SoundCloud. Please don’t try and abuse the system by creating fake accounts. It’s obvious and you may be banned.

Service Fee

We impose a fee of 25% of the credit cost on all reposts for accounts with 300 or more followers (4 credits per repost). This is to help manage the supply of credits in the system. A full explanation for this can be found in our blog.

Inactivity Fee

Free members must repost one track every two weeks to remain active in the system. After this date inactive members will lose 10% of their credit balance every two weeks.

There are two main reasons for this:

  • To encourage users to remain active members in the community
  • To help manage the supply of credits in the system

Like in any economy, if too much 'currency' is injected into the system it starts to lose it's value. When members stockpile large amounts of credits, it becomes harder for us to monitor and manage this complex ecosystem.

We will warn all members via email a few days before your account becomes inactive



What is a Campaign?

A campaign allows you to select a track and a ‘budget’ (minimum 50 credits). The track is then made available for everyone to repost. Members can browse the campaigns and repost the tracks that they like. A campaign will end when all of the credits have been claimed OR after 1 week (unclaimed credits will be refunded to you).

My campaign is moving slowly/not at all - why is this and what can be done about it?

All engagement via Re-Ex is genuine, therefore it is difficult to predict exactly how much engagement a campaign will receive. There are various factors that can affect the success of a campaign including time of day, how many similar campaigns are currently running and sheer luck. With patience, you will see engagement increase over time.

How do I get the best out of my campaigns?

A campaign starts at the top of the campaign list. Campaigns can move down the list quickly, so it can be helpful to make use of the boost feature. When you boost your campaign, it will move back to the top of the campaign list.

What is the campaign accelerator and how does it work?

This powerful feature will increase engagement on your campaign much more quickly than a regular campaign. It costs an extra 50% of the campaign’s credit budget upon creation, and works by getting your track in front of more targeted/active members, earlier on in the campaign.

Why can I not hear my track in the app?

It is not possible to listen to your own campaigns on the mobile app. This is to prevent artificial manipulation of play counts and to ensure our app does not get ‘rate-limited’ by SoundCloud.


What happens if a member deletes my repost?

We monitor reposts for 48 hours. If the system detects a member removes a repost before this time, you will be refunded and their account may be terminated

Tracks I repost are pushing my own music further down my profile on SoundCloud. Can I do anything about this?

We recommend all RepostExchange members invest in a SoundCloud Pro account for as little as $8.25/month. This gives you the Spotlight feature which lets you pin tracks to the top of your profile.

Are any type of reposts not allowed?

RepostExchange is for promoting MUSIC, not e-books, sample packs, services or anything else. Violators may be banned.


What do you do about accounts with fake followers?

SoundCloud accounts with over 2500 followers are processed by our unique FollowScore algorithm which identifies suspicious and inactive users. This protects members from low quality accounts. If a significant number of inactive or fake/bot followers are discovered, the account will be banned from reposting.

For SoundCloud accounts with over 2500 followers, the score (private) will determine how much they can earn from reposts. If you have over 2500 followers you will receive an email after sign up with your FollowScore and details of how the system works.

How do I set my genres?

These are generated automatically from the genres of your uploaded tracks on Soundcloud. You can add/remove genres in your Settings

The number of followers on RepostExchange does not match my SoundCloud account?

Our system updates itself every 24 hours - any change on SoundCloud (follower count, profile image/details) will be reflected on Re-Ex within that time.

What happens if I purchase followers after joining RepostExchange

You will be automatically (and permanently) banned within 24 hours. Don't do it. There are many promo services which offer followers/plays/likes etc, but all they do is provide fake followers and bot-generated activity. As far as we know, RepostExchange is the only platform where it is guaranteed that all engagement is 100% genuine.

How do I downgrade my account?

To cancel your plan, go here and click 'Choose Plan' on the Free Plan. You will keep your pro features until the end of the billing period, but your card will not be charged again.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by going to your Settings. Please be aware that this is permanent. You will not be able to sign up again with the same SoundCloud account.


Your use of this service is bound by the RepostExchange Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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