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What is RepostExchange?

RepostExchange was created by musicians for musicians: A SoundCloud-based platform where you can organically grow your following & engagement, get feedback, improve your music, and build your network. Our proprietary algorithms also ensure that the platform is free of fake accounts, so you can rest assured your growth is real!

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Promote your music by teaming up with other creators

Earn credits by sharing music you love and contributing to the community. Spend credits on getting your own music shared.


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Discover, network and collab with like minded artists. Get featured in our exclusive podcasts, playlists and charts.


Get valuable feedback from fellow artists

Get honest, detailed peer-to-peer feedback on your music. Earn credits by providing feedback to others.



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Your account is 100% safe. You are always in complete control over which tracks you repost and engage with.

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See your SoundCloud plays increase

Other artists will listen to your music and can repost it to their SoundCloud fans, generating genuine plays, likes and comments.

Earn credits by sharing music you love

The more genuine followers you have, the more credits you'll earn per repost.

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“Super cool app and team behind it. I got people around the country listening, I got people from other states. They would have never heard my music if not for the app. They even interviewed me for the podcast which grew my reach even further.”

Why 400,000+ artists trust RepostExchange


No fake accounts. No bots. 100% secure.

Our algorithms instantly block 100% of fake signups, and detect over 95% of fake followers, so you can trust that you're connecting to real artists with genuine fans.


We don't over-promise or under-deliver.

This is a real community, built by real artists. Become part of it today, and start making a name for yourself and boosting engagement.


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Frequently asked questions

What is RepostExchange?

A community of SoundCloud creators supporting, promoting and collaborating with each other through sharing like-minded audiences.

How does RepostExchange work?

1. Connect with SoundCloud in seconds
2. Use your credits to request reposts directly from other members, or create a campaign which all members can repost
3. Earn more credits by accepting repost requests or reposting campaigns you and your followers would enjoy
4. Enjoy your increased followers, plays and engagement!

If a member chooses not to accept your repost request (or if the request times out after 24 hours), you will receive ALL of your credits back. The member can optionally provide a reason.

For a limited time only, new members start with 30 free credits (enough to reach 3,000 SoundCloud users). You can then earn more credits by accepting repost requests from other members.

Is it safe?

Yes. RepostExchange is operated by Audiu Ltd, a well established UK-based music company that has been running since 2014, and the platform is secured with the latest web technologies

RepostExchange is fully compliant with the SoundCloud API Terms of Use. Performing an action on RepostExchange is exactly the same as doing it on SoundCloud.

Will RepostExchange perform any actions automatically or without permission?

No. You will only repost/follow/like/comment when you manually choose to do so on RepostExchange. This is in contrast to some other services, which will carry out actions without your permission.

Do I maintain full ownership of my SoundCloud data if I connect my account?

Of course. We cannot in any way assume ownership over your music or intellectual property when you sign up or use our platform. We can also not modify or delete your profile or uploads.

Can I cancel and disconnect at any time without consequences?

Yes. You can disconnect our app at any time without consequences to your SoundCloud account and data, and without losing the followers & engagement gained from using RepostExchange. Simply head to

However, if you choose to delete your RepostExchange account, you will not be able to sign up again using the same Soundcloud account.

Are there bots on the platform? How do you deal with fake accounts?

We constantly monitor the platform for fake accounts and bot activity. We have a near 100% detection on this rate so trust us, they don’t last long.

When it comes to fake followers, we are aware that some users have fake accounts following them to appear like they have a larger genuine following, or to earn credits faster. Our algorithms also detect more than 95% of these fake followers, leading to earning penalties for these accounts (and repost bans in serious cases).

As such, you can rest assured that bots and fake accounts are not something to worry about on RepostExchange.

Do I need to buy credits or a plan so the platform works for me?

No. You can use the platform for free, forever. Buying credits and/or a plan can help you reach your goals faster, and at some point you might find that this is worth the investment. But we commit to keeping our free plan effective, forever, to ensure artists from all backgrounds and from all locations can access promotional services to get their music heard.

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