Free for the artists, forever.

RepostExchange is powered by our community, and we know it can be expensive starting out, so we will never charge for our powerful basic features.

But you can supercharge your promo and support the ongoing development of the platform by purchasing Credit Packs or Pro Plans.

Credits: the currency of RepostExchange

You can earn credits by reposting tracks and contributing to the community.

You can spend credits on your own music - requesting reposts, starting campaigns and seeking feedback.

As your SoundCloud reach grows, so does your credit earning potential.

Credits can be earned for free, or purchased if you want to top up your balance.

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Earn Credits

Every action you take that assists another artist on RepostExchange will earn you credits. This includes reposting, constructive commenting and providing feedback.

Buy Credits

You can speed things up and support the development of RepostExchange by buying credit packs.

Spend Credits

You can spend credits on requesting reposts, starting campaigns, boosting your tracks, detailed track feedback, and much more.

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Plans: extra features, extra power

The Free Forever plan includes everything you need to get started, but our Pro Plans unlock the the true power of RepostExchange.

From free boosts to campaign targeting and increased visibility, a Pro Plan can help you spend your credits more effectively.

Our Pro plans start at just $15, and offer fantastic value for money.

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Start for free

We don’t lock our core features behind a paid subscription, so you can always use the platform at no cost.

A plan for everyone

Whether you are an independent artist or a PR professional, we have a plan that will suit your needs.

No lock in

Plans can be easily upgraded, downgraded or cancelled with no penalty. Flexible features for when you need them.

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