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RepostExchange is the world’s most trusted promo platform for SoundCloud, and is totally free to use.

Earn credits by reposting tracks from other users, and then spend them to promote your own music. Paying for credits is completely optional.

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Pay nothing
Earn credits by sharing
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for the price of 750




for the price of 1750

Also includes
Artist plan - 1 month free



for the price of 3000

Also includes
Network plan - 1 month free

How do credits work?

Simple, fair and effective

How to earn credits?

Credits are earned every time you repost a track or contribute to the community in other ways. The more genuine SoundCloud fans you have, the more credits you can earn.
No credit card required

What do credits do?

You can spend your credits on requesting reposts from other members, starting campaigns or asking for feedback on your music.
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Credits vs Pro Plans

Credits are the currency of RepostExchange and are required to send repost requests and start campaigns. You can earn credits for free or purchase credit packs.

Pro Plans unlock and enhance features to help supercharge your Re-Ex experience. Spend your credits more effectively, achieve faster results, and promote multiple tracks or accounts at the same time.

Please note that Pro Plans do not include free credits.

However, higher tier plans include a site-wide discount which can be applied to credit packs.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy credits or a plan to started?

No. We believe new artists with small or zero marketing budgets should have a way of growing & promoting their music for free. You can earn credits for free by reposting tracks you like and contributing to the community in other ways. You can spend credits to request reposts from other artists and run campaigns.

If you would prefer not to repost music from other artists, or are looking to promote tracks in a hurry, buying a Credit Pack can be a good option (and it supports the development of RepostExchange!)

Do credits expire?

Credits which are paid for never expire. Credits you earn for free are affected by our Inactivity Fee (10% of credit balance removed every two weeks if you are not ‘active’ - reposting at least ONE track every two weeks.) This helps us control the supply of credits in the system.

Pro Plan members are NOT affected by the Inactivity Fee.

I bought a Credit Pack which included a free month of Pro Plan. How does this work?

Some of our Credit Packs include free months Pro Plans. Claiming free months is optional, but in doing so you are agreeing to subscribe to that plan and will be charged on a monthly basis after your free month(s) run out. Plans can be cancelled at any time by moving to the ‘Free Forever’ plan. By doing this, you will keep your Pro benefits until the end of the billing period, but will not be charged again.

Pro Plan members are NOT affected by the Inactivity Fee.

If you already have a Pro Plan subscription and you buy a credit pack which includes a free month of the same plan, you will not be charged for the following month. Free months will ‘stack’ if you buy multiple credit packs in this way.

IMPORTANT: Free months will not be applied if you are already subscribed to a higher tier plan than that included with the credit pack. For example, if you are on the Network Plan and purchase a 2500 Credit Pack, you will NOT receive a free month of Artist Plan (as this would downgrade your account).

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