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Promote tracks directly to the fan bases of over 400,000 SoundCloud artists.

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  • Set & forgetCreate campaigns in less than 1 minute - Let our algorithms do the hard work
  • Best-in-class resultsGenuine, targeted results with exceptional speed
  • Ideal for ProfessionalsFrequently used by major labels, established artists and PR companies

Create a Managed Campaign within 30 secs, even on the go

Simply connect with SoundCloud and select a public track from your (or your artist’s) SoundCloud profile. Set preferred target genres, target reach and that’s it! Sit back and relax or monitor real time results.


Rapidly reach large numbers of fans

Our algorithm will make direct repost requests to thousands of RepostExchange members who match your chosen genres, with fan bases ranging from 100 to 1m genuine followers.


Get real reposts, plays and follows

Reposters can choose whether to repost, follow, like & comment on the track. Requests will be sent until your target reach has been exceeded. Further engagement via their fans do not count towards the target and can be substantial!

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Available for Network Plan subscriptions and above. Prices start from $139.99

Example campaigns

Galvanic - Lucky
Campaign exceeded goal
CostGoalTotal reach
  • Reposts 220
  • 177
  • 233
  • 55
Menesix - Work Out
Campaign exceeded goal
CostGoalTotal reach
  • Reposts 550
  • 388
  • 268
  • 105
Illu - New World
Campaign exceeded goal
CostGoalTotal reach
  • Reposts 831
  • 584
  • 402
  • 182

Frequently asked questions

How much do Managed Campaigns cost?

  • 250k Reach Managed Campaign - $139.99
  • 500k Reach Managed Campaign - $259.99
  • 1m Reach Managed Campaign - $499.99

Can anyone purchase a Managed Campaign?

Managed Campaigns are available to all members on the Network Plan or higher. Sometimes we will invite commercial entities (e.g. major labels or PR professionals) to use the feature without a plan - please contact

What is 'Reach'?

When a SoundCloud member reposts your track, it will go into the feed of all of their followers. So the 'reach' of a campaign is the total number of SoundCloud users that a track is reposted to. A small percentage of these users (usually 1-3%) will go on to play the track and potentially like/comment/follow or even repost it themselves.

Are all members of RepostExchange genuine accounts?

Yes. All members are genuine artists, labels or channels. We use sophisticated technology to detect and actively block non-genuine accounts from using the platform.

Are all of the SoundCloud fans of RepostExchange members genuine?

No. But we use intelligent algorithms to accurately identify how many fake/bot followers each member has. We then adjust their follower count on RepostExchange accordingly, so you will not pay to have your music reposted to non-genuine accounts.

How many SoundCloud fans do RepostExchange members have?

RepostExchange members have over 70 million fans between them. Individual accounts have between 10 and 1m followers. Your track will be sent to a mix of smaller and larger accounts.

What incentivises members to repost my track?

Members earn credits for reposting music they like. They can then spend these credits on getting their own music reposted. Reposting is optional and encouraged only if they enjoy the track and feel it would be suitable for their fans. Our Managed Campaign service takes care of this behind the scenes.

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